The Alliance for Senior Welfare


The Alliance for Senior Welfare was established in 1994 to assist professionals, officials, and industries to create suitable and quality work conditions, legislations, as well as policies for the elderly. We aim to create a healthy, amiable and dignified elderly welfare environment. At Present, our membership groups have expanded to 22 counties and cities, with a total of 103 member groups!



Our work

The legislation and policies for seniors

We play an important role in developing both welfare policies and practical industries for the elderly in Taiwan. As a medium, we hold summit forums for senior citizens to speak up for themselves regularly, collect relevant needs for country-level rights and interest advocacy and amendments to the law, and propose related policies to the government with the Seniors' opinions. In the past two decades, we have participated in the making of several relevant bills including the Senior Citizens Welfare Act, Long-Term Care Services Act, National Pension Act, and Middle-aged and Elderly Employment Promotion Act. 


The bracelet of love

We run the only missing adult assistance center in Taiwan, which was established in 2001. We collaborate with the National Police Agency and launch the bracelet of love for individuals who might get lost. With a unique serial number on each bracelet, lost individuals who wear the bracelet can be found easily. In the past 20 years, a total of 7,838 people have been successfully found. The bracelet of love, serving 34,138 people, has helped prevent individuals from getting lost.


The campaigns of “Active Aging and Healthy Aging”

The alliance works with senior groups and long-term care units in Taiwan to launch a series of programs to protect the rights of seniors, such as the independent advocacy which protects the human rights of the Elder Orphans, as well as building friendly guardianship in communities that help the demented or missing elderly.

Furthermore, through the multiple action plans we provide, elders can express their opinions and show their abilities without fear. In regards to helping lonely and helpless elders live alone safely, we provide assistance in house repairs. We also set up a school of life design for the seniors to learn to be the leader of themselves and others, so that they can step out of their homes and participate in society together.

During annual holidays, the alliance gathers the warmest love and wishes from the society, we cooperate with many organizations to deliver necessities to the homes of disadvantaged elders across the country so that they can also enjoy the festive atmosphere. So far, a total of 250,000 people nationwide have benefited from the various activities provided.


Next milestone

In response to Taiwan's entry into a super-aged society in 2025, we connect with non-governmental organizations to advocate that the country should treat seniors from a perspective of equal rights and reduce not only the stereotype but discrimination among them. It is recommended that government should have an inter-ministerial administrative organization and a policy program for senior citizens to create a more suitable and friendly environment for the elderly.


Stand with us! Let's create a healthy, amiable and dignified environment for the elderly. (Donation)